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About Us

30+ Year’s experience & French Brand Made in the Philippines

Thea, Pioneer of Ethical Fashion

Thea was created in 1988 by Marie de la Soudière, a French woman then recently arrived in the Philippines, who wanted to find a sustainable livelihood opportunity for the deprived women in Manila using their talents and determinations.

Marie trained the women to produce these impeccable stylish high fashion garments. They produce these garments using old style Singer sewing machines at their homes so that they can continue to care for their children.

Using her fond memories of her grandmother’s white nightgowns, which she secretly played with in the attic, Marie initially created a line of all white cotton nightgowns with laces and intricate pin tucks. However, in keeping with traditional French craftsmanship, Thea’s collections have evolved and grown over the last 30+ years – colours, daytime and winter wears have been added.

From a small and humble beginning, Thea has grown into an internationally recognised brand sold in luxury boutiques worldwide.

KNISA, an Australian company, based in Sydney, has the exclusive distributorship and retail selling rights in Australia and New Zealand of Thea. Knisa is also offering another luxurious brand of nightwear from the UK, Bonsoir of London.